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New website and blog! A brief housekeeping post…

October 31, 2016

Dear Readers,

At long last, I have a new website. I really liked my old site and it served me well for 11 years. However, the ways people view online content have changed and I needed a responsive site with larger images. My new site – still at – is up and running though I still have many images to upload and a few kinks to work out. Please check back in a few weeks for more content.

This news blog will be integrated into my new site. The new URL is:

To the e-mail subscribers and followers of this blog, there is way I can transfer your subscription to the blog at my new site, so if all goes well you won’t need to do anything to continue your subscription. (If all does not go as planned, I’ll be in touch or you can re-subscribe at the new blog link above).

Thank you very much for following.


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