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Additional interpretive signs at the Huron Natural Area

November 4, 2012

A couple of the interpretive signs at the entrance to Kitchener’s Huron Natural Area.

Pictured above and below is another interpretive sign that I illustrated at the Huron Natural Area. It’s the same illustration as the one installed on the Forest Trail earlier this year, but this one doesn’t have an answer key to all of the animals and plants one can find in the illustration.

My photo of the interpretive sign with my illustration of a local forest.

Also recently installed at the Huron Natural Area is this interpretive sign with my illustrations of a meadow and some meadow life.

The meadow sign at Huron Natural Area

Like the forest illustration, the meadow scenery is based on the landscape at the Huron Natural Area, and in this case you can see the actual landscape right behind the sign (though it’s in a different season now).

As with all of the interpretive sign illustrations I’ve created for the City of Kitchener, these were done with graphite and digital color, and the City did the layout and typography.

My illustrations of a meadow and some meadow life.



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